I am a PhD student at University of Oulu in Finland, where my research group is Human Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Development (INTERACT). I have previously completed my master (2007) and my licentiate (2013) at Luleå University of Technology in the area of information security. My PhD project here at university of Oulu focuses on web 2.0, social media, and children’s online safety. I am preparing to defend my thesis in December 2017.

For next year, I have secured post-doctoral funding for a project where I will be collaborating with teachers and children in a FabLab environment, working towards empowering children as technology developers. I think that our AdaBee project will provide me with a wonderful basis for this phase as well!

In the AdaBee project, I will be working most closely with with workpackage 2: Doing pedagogy model research.

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