The Artifact

The artifact is a Bumble Bee based on wearable electonics. It is designed for the classroom alongside to sit alongside traditional pets such a hamsters and goldfish. The expectation is that children will engauge with the the Bumble Bee and wish to socially interact with it. Whilst not advocating a particular target we would hope that girls in particular to become engaged. The Bumble Be could be allowed on home visits to be looked after.


The components are available as part of a FabLab service. There will be two components;

  1. Software
  2. Hardware


As part of the software the pet owner will be able to create additional functionality for their pet. This will be achieved using a drag-n-drop programming interface called nodeRED.


If the pet owner requires electronic componenets to achieve the additional functionality these could be provided via FabLab.

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Creating a Web Service

The Bumble Bee can be controlled by passing data to it over the ‘Cloud’. In this lesson we will provide information about how this data is contructed and passed to the Bumble Bee.

The data is structured in data. We will be constructinf this data to provide a ‘data feed’ for driving a Virtual Reality application.

An example would be


“device”: “some device id”,

“userid” : “some user identity”,

“timestamp” : “timestamp”,

“operation” : {“operations1”, “operation2”, “operation3”}


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