The team came together at a makers day event organised by Creative Fuse and held at Sunderlands FabLab Venue, Monday, 3rd July 2017. Applicants were induced by Free Access to the HCI Conference 2017 (worth £350) and potential funding through the Creative Fuse R&D.

Creative Fuse designed a day around bringing together a ‘bunch’ of people and getting them to use the FabLab facilities to develop ideas around a given topic. A number of people chose ‘digital empowerment’.

Each member of the team posessed different skill sets and through discussion it was decided to develop a product that might assist school children to learn programming skills. The team developed the theme into a product called AdaBee. Ada is the first name of a gifted mathematician considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s. Bee, is the idea of presenting the product a a friendly pet.

By the end of the day the team agreed a name, EasyBeezy and had built a prototype of AdaBee. Here is a video we created for the presentation:

After presentation to a panel and submission of a pilot funding application the team was successful in obtaining an award of £5000. We are currently developing the idea…