AdaBee Work Package 3
IoT and Sensor Based Hardware Platform Design and Development

University and person responsible: Edinburgh Napier University, Denise Allan

Budget: £1000

To be use for costs associated with producing the prototypes.

There have been some issues in accessing this portion of the funding however, this has been resolved as of today (24/10), therefore the work planned for October may overflow into November in order to catch up.


October 1st-31st:

Experimenting and getting familiar with Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi0.
Some initial thoughts regarding lessons which may populate the e-learning platform.

November 1-30th:

Move to Raspberry Pi0. Finalise our build list.
Produce prototypes of casing to house the board.
Produce other casings to release as open-source for boards that currently exist in the classroom.

December 1-31st:

Initial User testing of first prototypes.
Document this and produce more prototypes.

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