Hello all,

Here are my initial thoughts about the timeline and completion of work package 2. Basically it would be divided into two stages:

12.10-19.10 Literature review concerning programming/(and making?) with children, collecting best practices on how teaching programming can be best done for our target age group

  • Carried out by Heidi (help from CFLaT?) and distributed to other parties for review and commenting
  • Bonus: Could be turned into a co-written article with some polishing!
  • Question: What should be the focus? Best practices globally, or UK (maybe some experiences from Finland?).

20.10-30.10 compiling a concrete syllabus

  • Based on the literature review, and actual functionality of the AdaBee developed through WP3 (IoT and sensors-based hardware platform design and development) WP4 (Cloud-based students learning activity data storage and analysis), and WP5 (Augmented Reality(AR) e-Learning mobile apps design and development)
  • Carried out as a joined effort between group members
  • Question: Is it feasible to compile and finalize the syllabus at this time of the project? Should this wait until the end of milestone 2 (31.11), when the actual hardware and software should be developed? This way Heidi could work on the literature review until 31.10.

31.10 WP2 Deadline

Please comment, there is a need to get a concrete idea about what is expected from the deliverable



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